About Wealth 101

What is Wealth 101?

Making smart personal finance decisions is crucial for any adult in today’s complex world.

However, with only 16.4% of current U.S. high school students being required to take a personal finance course, the reality is that many young people never really get the chance to learn about how financial decisions affect their lives.

Wealth 101 is the personal finance course you’ve always deserved – and it will be updated every few weeks with a new infographic or data visualization on personal finance until it builds out a compelling base of lessons.

Using lessons from U.S. non-profit Next Gen Personal Finance and high-powered visuals from Visual Capitalist, we want to make personal finance easy to understand, digestible, and interesting for even the most skeptical student.

Our Co-Founders

Next Gen Personal Finance
Next Gen Personal Finance is a free high-school personal finance curriculum and professional development partner helping teachers deliver essential money understanding in an easy-to-grasp, engaging way.

NGPF offers a free online curriculum of 65+ complete lessons and 200+ standalone activities you can access from anywhere.

Visual Capitalist is a digital media brand that uses data, art, and storytelling to make complex issues more digestible for millions of investors around the world.

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